Introduced in 2007, it is a newfound technology for dental practitioners. Its evolution has marked concise precision in diagnosis, dental practice, and surgery. It is widely known for its safety and accuracy. iTero Scanning involves the digital capture of teeth and gum structure with the aid of the latest technology. iTero Scanner is in fact a small hand-held device, which can be used easily to scan the whole mouth and is being effectively used by many dental surgeons, and orthodontists around the world. It is quite timesaving as it takes only about 10-15 minutes to get the full scan. This scanning process is now available in 3-Dimensional Technology (3D) and 5-Dimensional Technology (5D). The latter was just approved last year by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It effectively determines the best possible course for dental treatment of the patients and makes it easier for dental physicians to diagnose correctly and offer a concrete consultation. iTero scanners are a structure with a wand that the dentist uses to scan the entire region of the patient’s mouth. The newer ones are more sophisticated, making it easier for the patient to not gag or feel a choking sensation. These scanners ensure that the scanned images are captured more quickly, and results are produced more accurately. It eventually saves time for both the patient and the doctor, along with providing immaculate services. Since this is radiation-free, it is also safe for pregnant women.

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