Did you ever think there would come a time when you could go to the dentist and experience no pain? That time is now at Blue Water Dental. Our secret? Dental lasers.

You may not know this, but dental lasers have been around for decades, and have been used to treat cavities since the Food and Drug Administration approved them in 1997. Still, not everyone is aware of the technique, because not all dentists are trained in the use of lasers for oral care. At our office, we’re proud to continually stand at the forefront of modern dentistry, and we believe our patients benefit from this desire to be at the top of our profession as well.
No shots. No drills. No pain.

Laser dentistry harnesses the power of light to do the work that used to require a drill. Lasers are surgically precise, can reduce (or eliminate) bleeding, and result in shorter healing times. They are also supreme bacteria-killers, which is especially critical in repairing cavities and doing some of the prep work involved with root canals we perform.

Because a laser doesn’t produce excessive heat and vibration, and completely lacks the loud whir of the drill, most patients don’t even need anesthesia when undergoing treatment. Pain at the dentist becomes a story you “used to tell.”

We’re proud to offer advanced laser dentistry at Blue Water Dental and we’re pleased to be your “no-pain” dental team. If you want to learn more about laser dentistry, make sure to ask us at your next dental visit.

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