Our Dental camera can magnify the surface of your teeth and gums up to 25 times and let you see the inside your mouth in vivid detail. Using this camera, we can easily spot tooth defects and problems with your gums that might otherwise be a real challenge to see – even with the brightest overhead light.

This pen-sized camera is called an “intraoral” camera. This awesome little gizmo allows us to peer into the darkest recesses of your mouth to see things we just can’t see with the naked eye – or an X-ray, for that matter. Cracked and loose fillings “pop” out as if they’re right in front of your eyes, cavities can be seen up-close, hairline fractures become readily apparent, and your gums shine like never before … everything is magnified so we can catch problems early before they become expensive and painful.

Best of all, our camera makes your visits faster and can allow you, for the first time, to see exactly what the doctor is talking about.

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