Root Canal Recovery Tips

Root Canals Ponte Vedra FLThere are some things in life that are worth adding to your bucket list; going to Disneyland, traveling internationally, trying something new, and maybe even swimming with sharks (depending on how daring you are). There are, however, some other things that aren’t worth adding to your bucket list; including getting a root canal. However, by scraping out the pulp in your tooth and sealing it off, a root canal will make you feel better and give you back the ability to enjoy eating without pain once again. Although we will give you care and recovery tips to take home from you after your root canal, it’s still nice to know how what you can expect after surgery. From taking ibuprofen to icing the area, this article will discuss a few ways that you can recover from your root canal. Read on to learn more.

Take Ibuprofen

You shouldn’t be in so much pain after having a root canal that you need anything stronger than ibuprofen, but ibuprofen will help you get rid of both pain and inflammation caused by the procedure. Consult your doctor before taking Ibuprofen if you have any health conditions or issues.

Wait to Eat

Because a local anesthetic will be used in your mouth during your root canal, your mouth will be completely numb when you are sent home. And although you may want to try to eat something to curb your hunger, we encourage our patients to wait to eat anything that requires a lot of chewing until after the numbness has worn off— this will prevent you from accidentally biting your cheek or tongue without realizing it.

Ice the Area

Depending on how swollen you are after your root canal, you may benefit from icing your cheek. If you are only suffering from a slight bit of inflammation, then you don’t have to ice. If, however, you have noticed a lot of swelling around the surgical site, then we encourage our patients to apply a soft, ice pack directly to the face and leave it on for about five minutes at a time.

To learn more about how you can recover from a root canal, contact Dr. David Sorensen at Blue Water Dental of St. John’s today!

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