Be On the Lookout for These 3 Signs of Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer Screenings Ponte Vedra FL If you are a frequent smoker or tobacco user, then you are putting yourself at an increased risk of getting cancer at some point in your life. But, just because you don’t use tobacco products, that doesn’t put you in the clear either. Much like with any sort of cancer, if oral cancer is caught in the early stages, it’s easier to treat. One of the best things that you can do to catch any sort of oral cancer early on is to look out for these three signs.

  1. Sores, Lumps, or Patches

Getting a canker sore after eating an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids is normal, but having sores, lumps, or patches in your mouth or throat for no reason are not so normal. If you notice any of these abnormalities, make sure to schedule a visit with Dr. David Sorenson right away.

  1. Loose Teeth

Losing your teeth when you’re a kid is one thing, but losing your teeth as an adult should not happen. Ever. If you have noticed that some of your teeth are starting to feel a bit loose, then this is an indication of a more pressing issue like oral cancer.

  1. Numbness

Biting on your tongue and having it go numb is one thing, but if you’re experiencing numbness around your mouth, your tongue, or your throat, then these are signs that you may have oral cancer or some other sort of oral condition.

One of the reasons why the American Dental Association encourages patients to visit the dentist every six months isn’t just to get a cleaning, it’s also to check for other oral abnormalities like those listed in this article. By you keeping a close eye on things and with the help of Dr. David Sorenson, it’s easier to catch oral issues like cancer before they get worse. To learn more about oral cancer or if you just want to schedule your next cleaning and exam, give us a call at (904) 395-7771.

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