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Oral Cancer Screenings Ponte Vedra FL

How Can You Prevent Oral Cancer

When it comes to cancer, nothing can be scarier than finding out that you or one of your loved ones has it, but nothing can be quite as rewarding as taking over your life and doing what you can to ensure that you are less susceptible to it. When it comes to certain types of […]

Oral Cancer Screenings Ponte Vedra FL

Be On the Lookout for These 3 Signs of Oral Cancer

If you are a frequent smoker or tobacco user, then you are putting yourself at an increased risk of getting cancer at some point in your life. But, just because you don’t use tobacco products, that doesn’t put you in the clear either. Much like with any sort of cancer, if oral cancer is caught […]

Oral Cancer Ponte Vedra FL

Ways to Prevent Oral Cancer

Nobody wants to hear the “C” word, but unfortunately, many of us have been affected by some cancer either in our own lives or in the lives of someone we love. As a type of cancer that is often overlooked by patients, oral cancer is a disease that impacts tens of thousands of people in […]

Oral Cancer Ponte Vedra, FL

3 Signs of Oral Cancer Every Smoker Should Be Mindful Of

Did you know if you are a chronic tobacco smoker or alcohol drinker that you are far more likely to develop oral cancer than individuals who aren’t? As a habit that may have started out as social, smoking is one of the most dangerous and addictive things you can inflict upon yourself. Luckily, by being […]

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