3 Ways to Naturally Reduce Your Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Sleep apnea ponte vedra flSleep apnea is a disruptive sleep condition that keeps people from getting an adequate amount of oxygen every night. By raising your risk of heart attack by 23%, if you live with a sleep disorder, it’s imperative that you are doing everything possible to get it taken care of. And although the snoring that comes along with sleep apnea may be one of your children’s favorite things to tease you about, it’s something that needs to be taken seriously. Luckily, there are three ways that you can naturally reduce your sleep apnea systems. Read on to learn more.

Lose Weight

One of the biggest contributing factors to patients with sleep apnea is obesity. By losing weight, you are taking pressure off of your chest and airways— helping you to breathe better all night long. To lose weight and keep it off, make sure you are getting a combination of exercise and a diet filled with lean proteins.

Sleep Elevated

Most people tend to sleep flat on their backs, sides, or stomachs. And although those sleeping positions may help you feel comfortable enough to fall asleep, they may be obstructing your airways and causing you to snore. To open up your airways, try sleeping with your head elevated and propped up a little bit with some pillows behind your neck.


Is the air in your room exceptionally dry? Try sleeping with a humidifier on. By adding moisture to the air that you breathe, your airways will be opened up and you will be able to breathe more easily. Additionally, if you suffer from any congestion, the humidifier will help to clear your nose out as well.

Before you try any of our other methods at Blue Water Dental of St. John’s, we encourage our patients to try the natural methods listed above to help ease their sleep apnea symptoms. If you aren’t getting the results you want by the methods listed above or if you would like to learn more about other treatment options, contact Dr. David Sorensen at Blue Water Dental of St. Johns today!




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